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Fallen - Lauren Kate I was iffy about picking this book up due to all the mix reviews so I decided to go to the library. I actually quite enjoyed the book. It was a bit slow in the beginning, but it became a little more fast pace as the story went on. Especially near the end where there are tons of surprises and betrayals.

I absolutely love the setting of the story. The author really made it intimidating, dark, and frightening.

I was a little disappointed of the development of the main character, Luce because I thought she was a little bland for me (also hella annoying). And I was a little frustrated with her in the beginning because with the whole "Daniel business" but at the end, we really understood why she was that drawn to him (BUT IT WAS STILL HELLA ANNOYING). Daniel was a jerk though so I couldn't really dig the romance. I enjoyed the side characters including Arianne, Roland, Molly, and Cam. That is what really saved the story for me.

Overall it was a pretty good angel story.

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