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Hungry - H.A. Swain Hungry takes place in a world where food does not exist. People take this sort of 'medication' every 3 or so months to ease their hunger. This medication also supposedly helped end world hunger. But our main character Thalia, stomach starts to growl. Also, Thalia meets a boy named Basil who is part of an underground revolution to bring back food, even though it's known that food doesn't exist any more. Together they set off to an adventure to find that will really ease their hunger, food.

Now does this book sound ridiculous? It was ridiculous. But at the same time, it was actually not bad.

Yes, it's one of those books where after you finish it you'll say "What the hell did I just read."
But it's a fun entertaining read. It's also kind of frightening when you think about it since the world is advancing constantly. We might end up in Thalia's world one day.

One thing I really liked about this book was the world. Even though food is the main concept, everything else is advanced. There are documentaries about iphones...iphones. There are tree holograms and gizmos (basically a device that does everything...and I mean everything). It's like Jimmy Neutrons experiments has taken over this society.

Thalia as a character was.. err... kind of was just there. She wasn't annoying or boring as much that I thought she would have been, but I cant really explain it. I also didn't like Basil that much. I found him as a coward and I wanted to punch him in the face about 20 times.

Thalia and Basil's relationship I guess could sort have been insta-love, but Swain does a good job in explaining why it was insta-love which I appreciated. (Thalia could have done much better)

The ending was also rushed and not much well explained. It did end on a cliffhanger. And the epilogue left me with more questions.

All together, this was a pretty fun book. It's definitely an unique dystopian/science fiction novel and I can't wait to see what happens next!

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