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Hidden Destiny

Hidden Destiny - W.A. Case Hidden Destiny is about a a girl named Angel-May who has spent her life locked in a room and is beaten by her father daily because he blames her for the death of her mother. Despite her misery life, she still has a little bit of hope when she has these dreams.In addition, she discovers she has powers that could help her escape. Then one day her dream, slowly, becomes a reality.

I quite enjoyed this book. It has lots and lots of intense romance but yet still has that face-paced action element to it. I liked learning more of history of the world that the author created and definitely did a great job explaining everything.

I also loved the main character Angel. She was pretty smart even though she hasn't spent a lot of time outside her room and into the real world. I also laughed at Angels lack of knowledge of the human objects like her description of a TV. Angel was also strong and fierce in the enemies she had to face throughout the book.

I also liked the relationship between Angel and Zared. The author did a good job on why they are so attracted to each other and it makes me want to see more of them together.

Overall I really thought this book was great. And I'm glad the author gave me an opportunity to read her book.

I hope W.A. Case makes a sequel because I really want to see what happens next!!

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