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Angelfire - Courtney Allison Moulton


What I liked:

1.There were a lot of well-described action-pack scenes. I mean a lot!
2.The story kind of has a Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibe which I really liked.
3.The history about Preliator was pretty interesting and I hope to learn more in the next book
4.The romance wasn't too cringed worthy
5.The family issues were legit and realistic. I actually really connected with Ellie because of those issues.
6. I couldn't help but smile at the ending. Some may think it's cliche but I'm a cliche type of person so I don't mind.

What I disliked:

1.I couldn't get into the writing style. I thought it was choppy and boring. It kind of reminded me of my writing.
2.I wasn't the biggest fan of Will. He was just too er...dull for my taste. But I do appreciate how protective he is... i'll give him that.
3.I couldn't connect with side characters that much (Katie, Nathaniel, ect.)I didn't really care for them whereas Ellie cares deeply for them.
4.I couldn't imagine the creatures some reason so it was frustrating reading those scenes sometimes.

Angelfire wasn't a bad book but it didn't blow my mind. But I heard that the second book is waaaayyy better so I will be reading the next book soooooooon!!!

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